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Indoor air quality - CO2 Monitoring

Lower infections & save costs 

What is it about?

Experts are currently warning of the risk of infection in closed rooms. The risk of transmission of flu and coronaviruses through aerosols is classified as high by studies. This in turn leads to a higher risk of infection.

How to prevent?
A simple way is plenty of fresh air through frequent ventilation.

It's all about the right amount - too little airing increases the risk of illness, too much airing harms the environment and the wallet.

CO2 monitoring in combination with a simple alarm via e-mail or visual display. This tells you the right time to ventilate without wasting energy.

... and so it goes!

ICPDAS-EUROPE CO2 Monitoring Lösung
enerHealth Wand Sensor für CO2 Monitoring

The enerHealth FLEX System

The enerHealth FLEX system from ICPDAS-EUROPE combines the monitoring of meaningful environmental parameters (such as CO2) with the careful use of resources. The collected data helps to make decisions based on facts, whether automated or manually. Nevertheless, the system remains flexible and easy to use.

enerHealth FLEX Basic
The basic system consists of a freely definable number of enerHealth sensors (max. 60). The sensors measure e.g. CO2, temperature, etc. on site and transmit the data wirelessly (LoRa technology) to the central enerHealth controller. There, the values are monitored and an e-mail is sent if the limit values are exceeded.

enerHealth Signal
The enerHealth Signal System is an additional option for the basic system. Here, in addition to notification via e-mail, three-color signal lights can be selected. The exceeding of the limit values is then displayed in color. The lights are controlled automatically and wirelessly via the enerHealth Controller.

enerHealth Storage
This extension for the basic system offers long-term archiving of the measurement data and a graphical display of the data (dash board). Individualizations are possible.

The enerHealth FLEX products

enerHealth Controller
enerHealth Controller monitors the CO2 values measured by the enerHealth sensors and alarms via email or traffic lights

... 1 available
enerHealth Storage
Used as an IIoT Gateway the Edge PC offers a high CPU performance and many data-storing options like SSD, HDD or USB. For data pre-processing, data consolidating or data compression, self-written software or standard-packages for automation can easily be implemented and processed locally on the system. This is the advantage of the universal Edge PC over smaller, more specialized IIoT-controllers.With the many interfaces, like 4 x USB, 2 x COM and 2 x LAN a variety of communication channels can be used. Additionally, two Mini-PCIe sockets provide options for WiFi-, GSM- or Fieldbus modules.

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enerHealth Sensor 102
enerHealth sensors measure the CO2 values in the rooms and transmit the data by radio (LoRa technology) to the enerHealth controller

enerHealth Signal 115
enerHealth signals alert about the current room air quality by traffic light system. The three colors symbolize the current status of the CO2 values in the selected room

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